Folk Art painting

The colourful traditional painting of the Torne Valley is one source that inspires my folk art paintings. Another technique I use is glaze-graining, which imitates different types of hardwood. Then as now, the furniture is painted with hand-mixed linseed oil paints. The décor is painted freehand.

Traditional Torne Valley storage chair. Traditionally for hay, useful for storing gloves and headwear. Wood work by Lena Gustavsson
Wall cabinet with colours and décor inspired by 18th-century folk art painting. Wood work by Frans Eliasson
Bridal chest in a warm red 19th-century primer, with hand-made fittings and locks. Wood work by Sven Pounu

The chiffonier had been paint-stripped using alkaline when I received it. Here it has regained some of its former glory through mahogany glazing, and a contrasting yellow colour on the inside.

Inspiration: Tornedalen Folk Art

Some inspiring furniture and objects at the local history museum Aunesgården in Övertorneå.