Welcome to Gunnel Tjäder, artisan in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

I have been running my own arts and crafts business in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland since 1996. Wool prints inspired by the Arctic, the design of handcrafted items in reindeer leather and the traditional painting in the Torne Valley style form the basis of my work. You are also welcome to visit our craftshop Ateljénord  in Kiruna and our website ateljenord.com.   

Bags "Giron"

The ptarmigan, or ”Giron” in Sami, has a special significance for Kiruna as it has given the city its name.  The ptarmigan has inspired many craftsmen with its beautiful form. My ptarmigan are hand-printed on wool.   The shoulder bag and mobile phone bag in wool and reindeer leather are for sale in our handicraft shop Ateljénord in Kiruna and at our webshop>>

Hevonen-Häst  Pappi-Präst 
Suola-Salt  Kaikki-Allt

Tray with well-known rhyme and folk art painting inspired by the Torne Valley.  
The tray are for sale in Ateljénord´s shop in Kiruna and at our webshop>>

Kiruna´s old City Hall 1963 - 2018

The Kiruna City Hall was inaugurated in 1963 and received the prestigious Kasper Salin Prize already the following year as  “Sweden’s most beautiful public building”. The town hall has been a meeting room and event hall and has become known as “Kiruna’s living room”.
The old City Hall has been demolished as a result of the urban transformation caused by the mine.  The motif is hand-printed on wool.  

Move together

The bell tower of Kiruna's first town hall has moved. It is now sharing an address with the new town hall, Kristallen, on Stadshustorget Square in Kiruna. The picture’s motif is handprinted on wool. A multicoloured printing technique gives nuances that are different for every printing.The pictures are for sale in Ateljénord´s shop in Kiruna and at our web shop>> 

Arctic inspiration
Since I live in Kiruna and was born in northern Torne Valley, it is natural for me to find inspiration in the landscape above the Arctic Circle.

Ateljénord shop

Welcome to Ateljénord, the handicraft shop in the centre of Kiruna. Here you will find collections inspired by the Arctic - from everyday utensils to unique artworks. 
In the shop you will always meet  one of us artisans. You are also welcome to browse in our webshop>>.
Ateljénord, Lars Janssonsgatan 23, Kiruna
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 12 noon -18.00,  Saturday 10 -15.00

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