I work with textile art in the form of screen prints on wool fabrics. To work with contrasts such as expressing snow and the cold on a warm material like wool attracts me. Simple forms giving the colours free reign appeal to me.
The Northern Lights, which have both startled and impressed generations before me, are a recurrent theme in my work. What fascinates me is the glow itself, in different colours that constantly change, and its magic and mystic message. 
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Theatre Curtain "Northern lights arches wide"
It was an honorable assignment to make the theatre curtain for the new Culture House "Aurora" in Kiruna. The interior of the theater and cinema hall has a Northern Lights theme, so the choice of motifs was simple. However, a challenge to work in the large format, about 19 x 7.5 meters!
My goal was to create movement and bringing in colors that give the feeling of aurora borealis flames. The flames are hand-printed on wool in a screen printing technique where different colors go into each other. They where then applied to the curtain fabric in black wool by Landelius Symakeri.
There, under the arc of the northern light, Kiruna's grouse can be sensed, waiting for the magic on stage.
The client was Peab AB on behalf of Kiruna municipality.  Kiruna April 2021

"Boreal Message"
"Beneath the twinkle of the Northern Lights, we can imagine messages from the past. Symbols from the shores of the Arctic Ocean are projected on the dark winter sky. The moose and the skier, the reindeer with the powerful horns, the pregnant woman, a hunting scene, and in the dark depths below the boat swims a huge halibut… Maybe the rock carvings communicate with worlds other than ours, and when the Northern Lights play we can imagine a glimpse of them."
The hand printed textile "Boreal Message" is inspired by the rock carvings in Hjemmeluft/Jiepmaluokta, Alta in northern Norway. Art work for Facebook Data Centre in Luleå, the lobby (2015)

"Mummu - Ei ole mishään hauska, piiain hauassa "
"Mummu - Viimiset parit sukkia"

"Grandmother - It's not fun anywhere, maybe in the grave"
"Grandmother - Last pair of socks"

"On the safe side"
Textile on wool with the colorful buildings at LKAB's industrial area in Kiruna.
The textile in hand-printed wool measures 120x80 cm. It was shown at the exhibition "Bothnia Salong 2018" in Luleå.

"Arching Northern Lights"
"Rise my chimes to sun and arching Northern lights,
awake the sleeping mountains, the dozing mire and moor.
Bless the work in fruitful fields abiding,
consecrate again them all to everlasting peace"
The poem is inscribed on the largest bell in Kiruna church bell tower. Translation by Lisa and David Weighton

"Polar dance"
The northern lights, difficult to catch and magical to see, are an inspiring natural phenomena of luminious shapes, colours and movements in the dark winter sky. Here Lapporten is the stage for it's spectacular dance in the sky.
"Polardance" is hand printed on wool using a screen print technique.

"New lights over Jukkasjärvi"
The two-part textile is handprinted on wool. It measures c. 2.8 x 2 metres. It was commissioned by the Icehotel in 2001.
Jukkasjärvi highlights
"Jukkasjärvi highlights"
Wall textiles made for Icehotel AB. They all have the same theme with the village of Jukkasjärvi and different Northern Lights for each print. Some of them are now placed in the Icehotel restaurant and others in their warm accommodation.
Theatre Curtain "The Northern lights" Foto Sören Häggrot
"Northern Lights" theatre curtains in Folkets hus community centre in Kiruna. This work of art from early 2005 was handprinted on wool. The curtains measure 9 by 17 metres. Sewing done by Landelius Symakeri.

”Lämmitämä saunan”    "Lets heat the sauna"
Lets heat the sauna, Dad said as soon as he arrived in his home village.
Screen print and embroidery on wool, 2019. 

A cup of coffee and a good crossword used to be the best start of the day for Mother-in-law Astrid.
Screen print and embroidery on wool, 2019.  

 Ateljénord's Midnight Sun Exhibition 2015.  The theme was time .

Förväntan / Expectation
This textile with my nephew Albin was custom made to my brother. First shown at Ateljénord and its Midnight Sun Exhibition in 2016. The theme was Contrast.